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  • Name: 7ZIP
  • Maintainer: Misha Verplak
  • Target: N2200
  • Latest version: 1.0
  • 7-Zip version: 9.18


The 7ZIP module installs 7zip and adds "7z" to the linux command line path.

To ensure the shortcut persists over reboot, two lines are added to /etc/cfg/rc

Sample usage on NAS command line:

 # extract files from a .rar archive
 cd /raid0/data/NAS_Public
 7z x my_great_archive.rar


  • 2010-12-31: First version uploaded to NAS Central.


  • Version 1.0
    • Release date: 2010-12-31
    • Cross-compiled from source of p7zip v9.18
    • Works on firmware: 3.00.04 and above, tested on 3.00.08
    • Untested on firmware: N0204 3.00.04+
    • Download (zip): N2200-7ZIP-1.0.zip

temporary link if above is unavailable: thecusforum.N2200-7ZIP-1.0.zip

another temporary link: filedropper.N2200-7ZIP-1.0.zip

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