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Manufacturer Linux Kernel

The Thecus N1200 ships with a customised version of Linux installed. The sources for this kernel are available in the GPL sources for this device at the NAS-Central manufacturer GPL archive.

Vanilla Kernel


This has only been tested with standard Linux distributions and not with the Thecus firmware. Also be aware that fan control and some other features do not work due to a lack of a daemon to control them in this configuration currently.

Linux 2.6.30-rc8 is available from the 'for-mainline' branch of the git repository at git.foonas.org. This kernel has two patches on top of vanilla 2.6.30-rc8 which have been posted to the mailing lists to be included in a future version. The only thing known to be missing from this version is support for the buttons.

Known Issues

To be able to use the switch ports (lan1-lan4 not eth1-eth4) you need to bring up eth1 without giving it an ip (this is normal behavior) also you need something plugged into lan1 (this is a bug) you will then be able to up lan1-4, assign the ports IPs, etc.

Despite the small issue with having to have to plug something into lan1 to bring up the switch ports this still means you can do lots of cool stuff with your switch now that you could not before!

Obtaining The Kernel

To obtain the sources from the git repository install git then type:

git clone git://git.foonas.org/pub/scm/kernel-n1200.git
cd kernel-n1200
git checkout -b for-mainline origin/for-mainline

Building The Kernel

This is covered for native builds on the N1200 in Gentoo here, although you will find the information there essential for building on other distributions as well - please read it before flashing the wrong type of kernel.

To cross-compile the kernel:

cd kernel-n1200
export CROSS_COMPILE=/path/to/toolchains/ppc603e/bin/powerpc-angstrom-linux-uclibc-
export ARCH=powerpc
export INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/path/to/rootfs
make 83xx/thecus_n1200_defconfig
make cuImage.thecus_n1200 modules
make modules_install

Boot using 'arch/powerpc/boot/cuImage.thecus_n1200'