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CPU Freescale MPC8347
RAM 128 MB
NOR Flash 8MB Numonyx 28F640J3D
Other Mini-PCI slot
Fintek F75375 (hardware monitoring)
NIC Freescale dual Gbit ethernet controller on SoC
Realtek RTL8211B
Marvell 88E6060 switch
USB Freescale USB 2 controller on SoC
2 ports on device
Internal HDD Supplied barebones.
Takes 2.5/3.5 inch SATA disks.
SATA Controller Silicon Image - Sil3512
RTC Ricoh RS5C372A
Fan 30 mm at bottom of case

The Thecus N1200 has the notable addition of a four port fast ethernet switch and a Mini-PCI slot for wireless on top of the standard features you would expect in a NAS device.