N2100 Thecus Module Packaging

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Thecus Module Packaging

This page describes the preferred way to package a module. In other words it describes which files to include in the pacakge as well as the preferred way of naming the package.

At this point it is assumed that you have finished creating the actual module, meaning that you have a .mod file, say TWONKYMEDIA.mod


It is recommended to include the following files in the package (aside from the actual module):

   README: General notes about the module, including apects to be aware of.
   INSTALL: Notes specifically related to the installation process.
   CHANGELOG: Description of changes since last version 

You can use whatever compression method you prefer, such as zip, tar/gzip, rar etc. However it is highly recommended to follow this naming convention in order not to confuse modules of different versions and platforms.

Name the module package as follows:




And thats it!